Our Services

Blood Pressure & Vitals Screenings

Acute Medical Care

(Wound Care, Foot Care, etc.)

Health Education & Health Promotion

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Referrals to Federally Qualified Health Centers & Community Resources

Physical Health Assessment

(Heart, Lungs, Ears, Neck, etc.)

Vision Screening & Prescription Eyeglasses

Medication Reconciliation

Hepatitis C, HIV, and Syphilis Testing

Social Determinants of Health Screening

Blood Sugar Screening

Mental Health Screening

Functions & Movements Assessment


Hepatitis A & Flu Vaccine

Veterinary Care

(Coming Soon)

We Thank All Our Supplies Donors!

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Why Our Volunteers Join?

"An issue many people view more as a burden than hope to help is assisting people experiencing homelessness. Street Medicine Phoenix sees this issue as an opportunity to support people no matter where the location. Many of these people do not have the ability, whether it be physically or financially, to get themselves the things they need. Currently I am planning on attending Physician Assistant school after graduation and through this volunteer program I will be able to see a side of medicine many people overlook. I have always believed that no person should be exempt from gaining assistance in their basic needs. I hope to be able to gain a new insight into the importance and significance of helping this underserved community and be an active part of making this important change in the field of medicine. If I am able to help even just one person I will feel as though I have been a part of this change."

-Breanna Deets, Current SMP Volunteer